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Innovative Software

We help businesses in the ideation and development process and co-create with with them by out-of-the-box thinking to gather fresh ideas, and bring products much faster to the market with contemporary technologies.

Our Offerings

Our business solutions and services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity and reduce costs.


API & Microservices


Application Integration

Internet of Things (IoT)


MVP Development


Technology Consulting

CxO Advisory

Our Platform

Build your MVP app faster with App Flyte - Our no-code app development platform

Flexible Database

Model your data visually with our collections builder and fields

Provides the flexibility of a relational database along with the Big Data needs of a NoSQL solution.

Integrate with any external data source real-time or synchronize routinely

No-code API Builder

Expose your data model as REST API without coding with built-in security and access controls

Setup webhooks that can trigger and automate workflows

Scale endlessly with our auto-scale architecture

Visual App Builder

Build you web or native mobile app visually with our no-code app builder

Drag and drop elements, widgets, forms and publish as a web app or submit to Google and Apple app stores

Introduce features and manage content of your mobile app without upgrades

Success Stories

Few success stories from our clients across ecommerce, fintech, food safety, agritech and healthcare industries.
Digital Wealth SaaS Platform
Food Safety and Traceability Platform
Omnichannel Retail eCommerce
Healthcare Customer Engagement