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Implementing an AI-engineered DevSecOps solution necessitates a thorough and strategic approach. This begins with an in-depth assessment of your organization’s current DevSecOps maturity and an understanding of how AI can enhance each phase of the software value stream.

Our Offering

Be a Change Catalyst

We can be a change catalyst to help your organization transition to next generation SDLC lifecycle which includes but not limited to ...

Shift from legacy code repositories to GitHub and adopt AI capabilities like Co-pilot and Open AI
Work with engineering teams to implement change management process
POC implementations

Accelerate NextGen SDLC

Review and enhance cloud DevOps – adopt new age tools for more agility, cost reduction and improve compliance.

Strengthen DevSecOps – Introduce AI tools for continuous security along with DevOps to ensure security is not compromised


Gangadhar Neeli

Language as a Technology: Generative AI and Prompt Engineering

There’s a fascinating transformation happening in the world of technology, and it’s centered around something we use every day without a second thought: language. Generative AI, particularly exemplified by models like ChatGPT, has revolutionized the way we communicate with machines. It’s like teaching computers to understand and respond to us

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