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UX Portfolio


Omnichannel Customer Experience

A major conglomerate in Kuwait want to redefine customer experience across all their commerce channels - in store, online, social shopping

What we delivered:
1. Customer journey maps
2. User persona study
3. End-user interviews
4. System study
5. Redefined omni-channel customer experience journey


Insights to Projects and Working Capital

A construction major in south-east asia wanted to completely digitize their project finances and execution to offer visibility to their customers and investors.

What we delivered:
1. As-is process study, mainly driven with excel sheets and macros
2. Customer profiles and journey maps
3. Wireframe and high-fidelity prototypes
4. Information architecture


Mobile First eCommerce Marketplace

A wellness startup challenged us to build a cost-effective mobile first eCommerce marketplace.

What we delivered:
1. Customer persona studies
2. Vendor interviews
3. Wireframing
4. High-fidelity prototypes
5. Detailed design - typography, iconography


Next Level Patient Engagement

A wellness startup wanted a new way to deliver a health report and create engagement with their patients.

What we delivered:
1. Study PDF reports
2. Information architecture for the new design
3. High-fidelity prototypes
4. Design system for delivering future reports